Our first Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit Game for SEUCK-November is 1942 by Snake Software, where you pilot your Green coloured plane, and you must then shoot other planes and objects whos aim is to kill you

As with most Shoot Em Ups, Its a case of Kill or be Killed, and 1942 is no different in this regard, Your aim is to Kill off the Enemies as quickly as possible, without getting hit by them

When you first start, You get a “Ok Sucker” sound effect, then the Game begins, You then fly around a Green Plane which has 2 Bullets Fire, Where you must shoot down other Planes and Land Objects, as well as Boats with Gun Turrets on them

There are a vast array of enemies to kill, ranging from planes, to submarines and land enemies, which will all try and kill you, some aiming for you, some aiming in a specific direction

There is your Current Score at the bottom middle of the screen, and I would have perhaps liked to have seen a High Score Table, but sadly this is lacking

This is a pretty well made game, and Graphically it is pretty nice, While there is No Music included, The usual sounds are there, The Firing Sounds, Explosion Sounds, which are very nicely done

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