This time it is the turn of Godzilla, a SEUCK-Game by E.G.Robertson

You star as Godzilla, and your mission is to shoot everything what moves, Houses and other Enemies which will attempt to kill you

You can Fire at the Enemies, and have a mutli-directional Firing System, making it easy to target Enemies very well, although your movement is rather slow, so you really do have to time your movements so you can avoid enemy fire

Graphically the Game is not the Best Looking, But the actual Gameplay I find is more important than the Graphics anyway, The Gameplay is certainly on par with some top end Games

There are various enemies who will try to kill you, so in this game, as with most shoot ’em ups, it is Kill or be Killed

Above all, This is a decent Game, and I have found myself coming back to play it to attempt to get a better score, while the Graphics do let it down somewhat, The actual Gameplay is very good, and really it is the Gameplay what counts!

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