AMOS @ 30 (2021)

This year (2021) it was 30-years since AMOS 1.35 (Left) was released in 1991 by François Lionet, then that was followed by Easy AMOS (Middle) and finally AMOS Professional (Right)

To celebrate AMOS as a whole, I am dedicating October to be “AMOS Month” – I have got quite a lot of AMOS-Created games to show you, and some are actually so Brilliantly made, you would think they are actually Commercial Games

AMOS Professional was released under the MIT LICENSE so is now available to download below, and will remain as a separate download to the WinUAE package

There are 2 HDF’s included, one contains AMOS Professional and associated files, and the 2nd HDF is for any source code you write (it is also renamed from default in the archive distribution to prevent you overwriting your Source if you decided to redownload this package)

My aim is to (hopefully!) get everyone coding again, and maybe encourage new people to get coding as well, perhaps you think a Game should have had an Amiga release, now is your time to shine and “make-it-so!” (Thanks Picard!)

Amiga Boing would also like to offer to Review and Feature your AMOS-Created Content here on this Blog, so please do get in touch if you are making a Public Domain or Shareware Game *OR* If you have plans to Sell It, please make a Demo/Shareware/Cut-Down Version and I could even feature that and any links to the Full Version download via your own website/link

If you want me to feature your AMOS Code, Please email Contact@ <domain (> using subject “AMOS: <game demo name>” with your code, Compiled or Source, Game or Demo, and I will take a look, Cant say fairer than that can I?

I will always respect the “Your Code Your Rules” so if you send me something to Review/Look At – I would also like to know:

Is it for “my eyes only” (ie. you do not want it distributed / reviewed etc)

Do you want me to Review it on this Blog?

Do you want me to Distribute it (Source/Compiled) to everyone on the HDF and RP9 images?

Optional: A Document file stating PD/SW/Demo etc and/or showing how the Game/Demo works?

Includes AMOS Professional and WinUAE, a Full Standalone Download (You will need to provide Amiga Kickstart ROM’s or if you have Amiga Forever, use the batch file included to copy across the required Kickstart 3.1 ROM file)