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Currently I am doing this on my own with no help, I do rely on Donations to help me to keep doing this blog, and as you can see, I do not have any Advertising on this website, simply because many frown upon Adverts (Yes me included) and this is why I do not want to have to introduce them at a later stage

One-Off Donations are Gratefully received, but if you can help support long term, then please do so, and feel free to make suggestions and comments to me, as your Feedback really helps me and together we can make this Blog great, and highlight why, The beloved Amiga, is still loved by thousands, even millions, around the world, and my hope my bringing this Blog to you, that I too, can help new people find the Amiga, and enjoy its vast library of Games

My hope is to help old and new users to the Amiga, Get an easy to use package, where they can download it, add the ROM files (which sadly I cannot legally distribute) and play some wonderful Amiga Games all in a very easy to use package

This are what my aims are, to help everyone get to grips with the Amiga, enjoy its vast library of PD/SW games, and I hope by creating this Blog, I am at least helping the community come together, and enjoy what the Amiga has to offer

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I hope you will follow the journey with me, give me your feedback, and support me in building what is quite possibly the largest Amiga Games Collection ever, even bigger than The Assassins Collection, which had 250+ Floppy Disks (What are those? -ed)

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