The Commercial Game of the Month is Apidya by Blue Byte in 1992

In this Bug-Blaster, you are a Bee, and your task is to kill enemies, some of which will drop a flower, which can activate new weapons or enhancements

Various enemies will fire at you, and these must be avoided or it will cost you a life, also hitting the terrain will kill you, such as the ground for example

The full Game features 5 levels, a meadow, a pond, a bio level, and a sewer level, each level is split into stages, where the final stage of the level is the end of level boss fight

In the Demo version, you have a full playable level, including the end of level boss fight

The Game is a pretty decent shoot em up, and has some nice music, the gameplay above is from the Demo version

Publisher: Blue Byte
Developer: Kaiko
Code: Kai Teuber, Matthias Enzmann, Peter Thierolf
Graphics: Frank Matzke
Music: Chris Hülsbeck

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