The Commercial Game of the month is Premier Manager from 1992, Picked by (@AndrewH251177) on Twitter

This is a Football Management Game, where you take control of a team, and manage them throughout the season, making those ever important decisions, and hoping that the team pull through

The game can have upto 4 players, each who take control of a english football conference league club, you must manage the team as successfully as possible in order to win the FA Cup and UEFA Cup

You must set formations, buy and sell players, pick the team, you must also budget your finances, You can get loans if you need them, and also you can increase ticket sales by improving the facilities and capacity

You also have advertisement boards around the pitch which will gain you extra money for each one you place in them before the match begins

The teams included in the game range from Premier League, Division 1, 2 and 3, and also Conference League, all data included is from the 1992/3 football season so bear that in mind when playing

There is no Demo for this Game, although there is a Demo for Premier Manager 3 on Amiga Action Coverdisk 66 from 1995

Publisher: Gremlin Graphics
Developer: Realms of Fantasy
Code: John Atkinson
Graphics: Alex Kewin, John Atkinson
Music: Patrick Phelan
Sound: John Atkinson

Visits: 146

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