This is another Commercial Game of the Month, This time it is Fire & Ice from 1992 by Renegade

This now compliments the Christmas Edition which I reviewed back in 2020 so now both Demos are rightly together in one place, This version features an exclusive playable demo of World 2, Land 2 originally on The One magazine Coverdisk

You start off with a Pellet Gun, which fires freezing orbs, which if they touch an enemy, they will temporarily freeze it in place, allowing you to kill it, revealing any drops it leaves, sometimes it can be just items, and if you are lucky, you will get part of a key which you need to complete the level

The items give you points, and you can also get little puppy dogs, sometimes 2 or more per level, which will follow you around and fire when you do, also killing any nearby enemies, most of the time they will hop in front and behind you as you walk along the platforms, jump over gaps, and press buttons to make bridges so you can traverse to the other side

Final thoughts on this Playable Level, it does not have a lot of things to do, just simply a few enemies dotted around to kill, and a crocodile jump to the finish, it is not a bad demo in that respect, it gives you a small taster of the Full Game, which is exactly what a Demo should do, and in reality it does not fail to impress in that regard

Publisher: Renegade
Developer: Graftgold
Code: Andrew Braybrook
Graphics: Phillip Williams, John W. Lilley, Andrew Braybrook
Music: Jason Page

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