Today on Commercial Tuesday, we have Jaguar XJ220 by Core Design in 1992

This is my all time favourite Car Racing Game for the Amiga, and this game is also Multi Language and allows you to select between English, German, French and Italisn before the Game loads in properly

You race around several tracks, starting in England, driving to beat your opponents and competing in a constructors championship in order to become the best driver

The courses all have thier physical design differences, for example, on the 1st England map you have Road Works which block off the 1st Lane, on the 2nd England map it is Foggy, and so on

Once you have completed England, You can jet off somewhere else, so winning or coming 2nd in the 3 initial races will get you the most money so you can then choose another destination

You have several laps to complete on each track, avoiding the sides of the road, and other drivers, and even obsticles, such as Road Works for example, all of which slows you down

On some future maps you will need to also Refuel en-route as you do not have enough Fuel to proceed around some of these larger maps

At the end of the Race, it shows you the results, which position you finished in, along with your Cash Totals, of which, the cash can be paid to repair your Car before the next race

After that a Save Selector will popup allowing you to save your progress, and then it is onto the Next Level to race again

If you are bored of the in-built levels, you can even create your own with the built-in Level Editor, But sadly you can only replace the Tracks, and not make completely new ones, But even so, This could be used to create a completely different set of tracks throughout the Game

The Graphics are well drawn and stand out as being very crisp and clear for the Amiga, and the Sound Effects really do add to the overall Gameplay here too, as well as some kick-ass tunes on the Car Audio Player which pops up just before the Game, either giving you just Sound Effects, or indeed a proper Music Track from its reasonably sized selection

This is a Game I do come back to regularly to have a blast on, and even my Late Uncle loved having a 2-player Race with me sometimes, of course back then I had to load this on Floppy Disks, now you can basically WHDLoad it in no time

NOTE: Amiga Format distributed a Demo version which is included on the Games Collection, It also requires KillAGA to work, and it also works in AROS!

Coder: Mark Avory
Graphics: Jacy Gee
Music: Martin Iveson
Sound: Martin Iveson

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