The Commercial Game of the Month goes to Yo Joe! by Scipio/Hudson Soft in 1993

You are Joe, and your task is to go around Collecting Items while destroying or avoiding enemies on the way!

At the Start you begin with No Weapons, only a Punch and a Flying Kick style movement are available, which you can use against the various enemies to kill them

You can also obtain other weapons along the way, such as a Pipe (which prevents you jumping up grabbing the platform), and the Nun-Chucks weapon (which prevents you doing a Jumping Attack)

You progress through the level and you can pickup Swords and Pins and other items which will help you defeat the various enemies around the level

There are plenty of threats dotted around this Demo Level which need to be defeated or avoided such as Flying Birds, to Fish in Water, and even other Characters who will throw items at you, which will cause you to lose some health, and some Pictures can come to life and stab you, so these must be defeated before you pass underneath them

This platformer is very well designed, The scenery is crisp and detailed, the Music and Sound Effects are a Great Touch and add to the atmosphere of the Game

Developer: Scipio/Hudson Soft
Code: Harald Höppner, Alexander Kurth, Jens Meggers, Alex Craemer, Marc Wilhelm, Andre Karalus
Graphics: Harald Kuhn
Music: Michael Bialas

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