Worms and Worms Directors Cut [D]

This gem is called Worms, by Team 17, way back in 1995

Here you control some Worms, and your mission is to defeat your enemy Worm team by any way possible, you can control your Worms via Mouse and the Keyboard Arrow Keys (which if using the Games Collection) means you need to change the Joystick defines from the Arrow Keys and CTRL Key so you can control your Worms Correctly

As a Worm, you can walk and even jump around the location to get a better aiming point, then pick your choice of weapon, from Air Strikes to simple Guns and there are over 50 weapons in the Full Game

The aim is to wipe out your opponent, who can be a Player or a Computer, before they wipe you out, so get yer Guns at the ready, and Get Ready to Worm-around the few Demo Levels included in these 2 Games

As it is Christmas Month, I have also included Worms Directors Cut Demo as well for you to play, featuring some different levels, but the gameplay is identical to this version

Find out more about Worms and Worms Directors Cut on Lemon Amiga, and visit the Team 17 website for more details of the Game Company, and why not check out the Team 17 Amiga Collection for the Evercade available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Publisher: Team 17
Code: John Allardice
Graphics: Andy Davidson, Rico Holmes, Chris Blyth
Music: Bjorn Lynne
Sound: Bjorn Lynne

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