This is Tapper, by Scott Jensen, from 2020

Based off the Arcade Game, and indeed has the same title screen, including its original release date of MCMLXXXIII (1983) on it, this is a Game what truly resembles the Arcade version almost to a “T”

The only exception to this Amiga version is, when you finish a level he does not pull another final pint, drink it and then smash the glass like in the Arcade version

Anyway, this is a pretty darn faithful Arcade Conversion of our favourite Tipple Game “Tapper” where you as the barman, have to serve some rough looking customers, as they slowly march down the tables towards you with that evil stare, almost as if they are saying to you “GIMME A PINT NOW!” and when that lovely pint sails towards them, they forget their anger, go back to the start of the table, drink your delicious pint, and either leave, or put the glass back on the counter, and start walking towards you again with the same evil grin

You have 4 rows of tables, and at the end of each of them is a Beer puller, where you can pull a fresh pint of some Delicious Cool Beer to serve to your rough and angry customers, they also sometimes leave tips, in the form of a money pile, which you can collect to see some lovely girls perform a dance, and some of the angry customers (not all of them), will turn and watch the dancing for a while

There is also a Bonus Round after each level, where a masked figure will mix five of the six cans up, so if you open any of those you get a wet face and no bonus, the trick here is to pick the unshaken can from the selection on screen, then you get your Bonus Points, and in either case, you go onto the next round of Beer-pullin’ madness!

If you throw too many Beer Glasses down the table, or if you fail to, collect the empty glasses, or even if you fail to pull a beer in time to serve your angry customers, they will drag you right over the table to the far end in disgust, and you will lose a life, lose all of them and its goodbye to your Bar tendering career for good!


NOTES: The Game has the Budwiser logo centre stage, and I used to love watching the Bud-wise-err Frogs Advertisements from the early years, If you do not remember them, please watch on YouTube

Code: Scott Jensen (Old_Bob) on English Amiga Board forums (

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