Croak! is a Great Frogger Clone for the Amiga, Written by Selwyn Stevens, way back in 1992

This game is pretty self explanatory, You start off with a solo frog at the bottom of the screen, with this Frog, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get your beloved Frog into one of the top 7 squares, which will then give you another Frog (upto 7) before you can clear the level and move onto the next level

You have to dodge cars and trucks on the lower road section, then you have a tiny bit of land to catch a breather, then its onto the rapids, where turtles and logs appear, some turtles disappear after a short while, and if you are stood on it then, you lose a life

There are also bonuses which appear on the logs, and in the home bases at the top, along with a red spider which if you eat it, that will also kill you and you will have to restart again from the lower road section

Also on later levels, in the middle section, you get a chicken which walks across and clucks around, if you hit this chicken or it runs into you (as it clucks when it changes direction) it will cost you a life if you run into it

Croak! was a very well made game, There is no music, But there are Sound Effects which are nicely done, and Croak 2 is a nice sequel to the first game, which is below

Croak 2 as shown below is more optimized and runs on all Amiga’s which screenshots are shown below, This sequel is more or less the same as the original except for a new title screen, and slight changes on the levels screen, such as counters being moved to the top, which are (from left) Your Current Score, Time Left and Lives along with a new Level counter in the middle, as well as newer graphics for the Cars, and rather than a Press Button menu system, its a scrolling affair which you can select options via moving the joystick around

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