This is Yatzooie II AGA by Ken Winfield in 1993

In this 1 or 2 Player Dice rolling Game, you have to roll your dice 3 times, and after each roll you can remove Dice you do not want, then roll again, and again choose ones to remove, and after the final 3rd roll, you can then choose the score you want from the left listing

This process goes on until the end of the Game, rolling the dice, removing the ones you want, and then re-rolling again, then picking a score again

The idea is to pick the largest score from the list, and this then totals up down the list to give you the Grand Total at the bottom

When the Total Slot gets populated, You can then play a New Game, and start the dice rolling again, it was written in CanDo by Inovatronics, and a DeckBrowser window shows for a few seconds before the main program loads

PS. Yatzooie I was not released according to the docs: “Yeap there was a Yatzooie I, program was written in 1990 and was quite buggie so except for me and a few friends it never was realeased.” (ps. this is exactly how it is written in the docs, including the spellink miscakes)

Code: Ken Winfield

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