Here is the final Dark Unicorn Title, which for me, was well worth the wait, It is of course, Scorched Tanks, what was Written in AMOS Professional in 1993 by Micheal Welch

This game is a nice Tank Shooter, and it is quite nicely made, You start on the Title Screen, which gives you upto 4 Players as a Mix of Human and Computer Players, so you can get your mates around for a Quick Battle which is a nice touch

There is some nice background music on the Title Screen, and you can also choose your Starting Money as a Player, so you can make it as difficult or easy as you want based on the amount of money you start with

Once you start the game intially you have to buy Shields and Bullets and so on, then click Done to allow the other Players to buy stocks, and then the Game Begins

You then get a New World terraformed, then you start for real, you can adjust the angle of your shots, and power of them, also take into account the Wind factor which is shown and there is a Player scoreboard on screen, which shows Shots and Damage, along with a Help button, a Save feature, and Quit which will terminate the game back to the menu

Your aim is to kill off your opponents, By firing at them enough to damage their Tanks, You have several weapons in your arsenal to choose from, and have to get the Angle and Power of Attack just right so that your Shots will reach your Opponents Tanks

There are also ingame sounds when the Bullet Launches, the Clicking of the Buttons, and the Explosion sounds are all there, There is no ingame music during the gameplay

Please visit the Blitwise website where you can find out about other Games, such as Pocket Tanks

Coder: Micheal Welch
Music: Eric Geiseke

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