This time it is Deluxe Galaga, a Space Invaders Clone, Written by the late Edgar M. Vigdal

On starting the Game, you are Warped into a Frenzy of Flying Drones, which your object is to take out, Destroying these will produce one of many drops/pickups which will give your Ship some upgrades, such as Speed, Bullets, EXTRA Letters, Score Additions, and others such as Auto Fire for a period, and Weapon Upgrades

Sometimes a Bomb will drop, which will then Blow up all the onscreen enemies, allowing completion of the level, as well as Coins which are worth, Silver 10, Gold 20, Green 50, which you can spend on items in the Shop every 5th Level or so

There are bonus screens and on each new level, the Flying Drones get harder and fire more bullets, giving you even more headaches, including some which will have an outer skin to penetrate before you can actually shoot them to oblivion

Just remember to avoid the enemy bullets, and strap in for some real fun here, You will not be disappointed with this Game, it is well made, and is a lot of fun!

When I found out Edgar had passed on, I was really upset, he was such a good programmer, and made so many lovely games, Find out more about the Late Great Edgar here:

Code: Edgar M. Vigdal
Graphics: Edgar M. Vigdal

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