This is called Denver Duk by J M Towers

You start on a screen with Blue Blocks, some blocks are Yellow with Diamonds inside them, and it is these Yellow blocks which you must focus on

The object of the Game is to push the Yellow Blocks together in a line, so they match up, eg. [X][X][X] – once this is done the level is completed, and the next one will appear

This may seem easy at first, however, there are some Green Blobs around, who will try and come for you, you must avoid them, or you can push the Blue Blocks around them or into them which will force them to respawn elsewhere on the level

There is some Background Music on the Title Screen which continues in the Game, and the Sound Effects are there for Block Pushing, and a Splat noise when you crush a Green Blob underneath the Blocks

This is another Title where I have not been able to source much information about, so I can only go off what is in the brief and short documentation file which was included

Code: J M Towers
Graphics: J M Towers and J L Warham
Sound: J M Towers and J L Warham
Music: Casp

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