Pacman-April starts off with the version of Pacman, Created by Jeroen Knoester, sadly this was never fully completed, but it is still fully playable!

Now as many Pacman games go, its basically the same principle of eating the dots while avoiding the ghosts, and eating power pellets so you can then eat the ghosts for points – and thats exactly the same what happens in this Pacman Clone

This being a preview version, it will be lacking things, so bear that in mind, There is a basic title screen which certainly looks great, although it has no music, which would have been superb I am sure when the game was finished, which shows ghosts moving from right to left across the top and bottom of the menu selection, which gives 3 options “Begin”, “Easy” and “Quit” which would just pop you back to Workbench!

Upon Starting the game, you are put onto the single map which is in the game, There are the General Sounds which you expect, Eating the Dots, Power Pellets, Ghosts and the Kill Sound, and on each new level, the fruits change, the score works, although there is no high score table implemented

The actual Ghosts just appear to move completely randomly, and not following Pacman, so it does make it quite easy to clear the levels if you can avoid the randomly moving Ghosts

The game plays well, and from the outset, looks like it could have been a great pacman clone, its regrettable it was never finished or completed, But I thought it is a good pacman clone, and still worthy of a look at and play through!

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