Breakout is a game by Jeroen Knoester from, Created using the AMOS Programming Language – This is basically a decent Arkanoid (Arcade) remake or clone in effect, and it has various powerups which alter gameplay, for example adjusting the size of your bat etc

It has some rather nice title screen music as well, quite jazzy infact, the in-game sounds are also present, from the ball hitting the bat, and the sides of the play area, to the tile sounds when they break, and even sound when you lose the ball into the deep abyss below

Its a very well made game, Its a real shame it was never completed, But do not let that actually stop you from playing this game, as it still is very much playable and you should check this out

Many thanks to Jeroen for allowing me to review this game, Please check his website out for more about Breakout, and his version of Pacman (which I will review in April)

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