This is Amigoids, an asteroids-clone of sorts, Which basically works in the same way as Asteroids in the Arcade

You start in a small Space Ship in the centre of the screen, you are equipped with bullets, and your aim is to shoot the asteroids along with any flying saucers which appear throughout each level

You can move around the screen slowly or even at speed, But you must not collide with the asteroids or even the flying saucers, as this will cost you a life, The aim is to clear the level of the asteroids by shooting them, when they are hit, they gradually split into smaller and smaller pieces, which fly off in different directions, again you hit these, and they get smaller and smaller, until you hit the last piece which then disappears off screen, at this point you have completed hitting that asteroid

There are many asteroids per level of course, which will start at random positions, and float aimlessly around the screen in no general direction while you are aiming for them

As for in-game music, there is none, But there are the General Sound Effects, such as ship moving sound, firing sound, and the flying saucer sounds, which are nicely done

It has a lot of playability for those Asteroid fans out there, it is certainly worth having a blast from the past, and seeing if you can get that even bigger High Score

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