Here we have, Amiga Monopoly by Al Metz in 1994

The object of the Game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, selling, renting property, and forcing other players into bankruptcy

Each Player, picks a counter at the start, and during the Game, throws the Dice, and then moves the number shown on the Dice across the Gameboard until they land on another square

You will then land on a square which may have something you can buy (Hotel/Train Stations) or if someone else owns it, You end up paying the Rent to them

There are also squares where a Random Card can be drawn, which can send you to jail, or Chance Cards

Eventually you can become Bankrupt if you owe more than you can pay to another player or the bank, in which case it is Game Over

NOTE: Screenshots and Video are from version 1.6 – and there is a V1.7 Release, so that will be included on the Games Collection and Amiga Forever RP9

Code: Al Metz

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