Here we have Think-A-Mania, by Dirk Respondek and Thomas Schwöppe from 1994

This is a Puzzle Game, in which you have to match up 2 peices of the same object, for example, a Car, a Bike, a Fish and so on

You start off with a 11 x 6 Grid, where all the Tiles are turned over, and the object of the Game is to Click a Random Tile, which may reveal, for example, a Fish, and then you must now match that to another Tile with a Fish on it

If there is a match, Both remain onscreen, and you get to pick another tile, If you do not match them, both will turn back over

There is no music, But there are Sounds, such as Clicking the Tile, and a sound on a match or an incorrect match

Code: Dirk Respondek and Thomas Schwöppe

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