This marvellous game is called Llamatron! – I kid you not! – It is a Fast-paced Arcade-style Shooter and its a real Blast I can tell you! – and there are 100 Levels apparently (according to the Docs)

You play as a laser spitting Llama, which constantly Fires, whos task is to collect all the little sheep, llamas, camels and goats scattered around the level, which you need to collect before you defeat the enemies, as when all enemies are defeated the level completes and the next level loads in

In your way there are some really creepy nasties who want your blood, who will follow you around so closely, your moves have to be quick and rapid to avoid them

There are Robots (or Grunts as the Game calls them), Coke Cans, Purple Dudes, Some weird floating things with Horns on, Blue Brains (which convert your sheep/llamas/camels/goats into Zombeasts which will then come after you), Space Invaders, Red Telephones, Cherries (Last time I eat any of those!!), and Blob things, and many more enemies which all have to be defeated to clear the level

There are many powerups which drift in your General Direction, You can pick these up for things like 3-way shooting, Invincibility, Extra Llamas, Warp Levels, Smart Bombs (which blow everything up and complete the level)

This is yet another Great Game which gives hours of fun, I do like its Fast-Paced Action, combined with the Varied Types of Enemies, and the Sound Effects also compliment this game very well, I must confess to playing this for hours, while I do not get very far, I just find it so appealing and entertaining – A definate must to at least try once, seriously you will NOT be disappointed with this game!

NOTE: Under AROS ROM this does work, But does output an error requester, which can be completely ignored, before it loads

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