Here we have Alien Bash II by Glen Cumming way back in 1996

This game is a top-down shooter and is, as most people should already know, essentially a clone of The Chaos Engine, which by definition is a brilliant game, and Alien Bash II is no different in this regard

You are put onto a planet which was attacked by aliens, and your job is to clean up the planet by killing everything you see

You move through the maze-like levels, with your gun, shooting enemies which gains you points and money, which you will need on the inbetween intermission screen in order to buy better weapons and items

You must collect keys to open doors, collect pickups, and sometimes shoot them out of walls in order to pick them up, these all gain you points

On each level there is a Prisoner, who will need to be freed, the radar shows the General Direction of them, and once you have rescued them, its onto the Level Boss

There are 8 levels included, which have varying difficulty, and will keep you going for a while, there is Title Screen Music which is pretty nice to listen to, but ingame, you have the General Sound Effects only

I find myself playing this quite a lot, It is entertaining and fun to play, and is a very well made Game from the outset and now you too can Have A Blast!

Coder: Glen Cumming
Graphics: Myles Jeffery
Musician: D. Trauemer, Glen Cumming

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