Now we have for you Galactoid by Clay Hellman/QSW in 1993

This is a Galaga-clone, and just as the same as Galaga, You have enemies coming inscreen from the left and right, to then go towards the top to form a grid, But while they are flying into position you can fire at them, and they can also fire back at you

Once they have flied into formation at the top of the screen, one at random will dart downwards firing bullets downwards in order to kill you, and if you collide with either the bullets or the enemy itself, you will perish and it will cost you a life

You also get the occasional drop from the enemies, such as Double Ship which makes your Ship twice as long, But it also gives you 2 Bullets to fire at once, which can help or sometimes hinder you, due to the extra length of your Ship

I would have loved to see a High Score Table, But sadly this is not implemented, although I feel it would have been a nice touch

Graphically for the time, it has decent Graphics, and Sounds, and is a good all round shooter for those who are a fan of the genre

The only gripe I would say is that the Ship you control is far too wide, and can be easily hit by the Bullets which costs you a Life, I personally would have not made it as big

Cheat: On title type “WELCOMETOTHENEXTLEVEL” which will add an extra 2 Credits

Code: Clay Hellman / QSW

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