The Commercial Game Of The Month for March 2022, is Accolade’s Test Drive II (1989)

This has to be one of my all time favourite Games, and Speed is the Key here, and of course avoiding other Traffic on the road

There are 2 options at the start, You can race against the “Clock” in which you have to complete courses as quick as you can for a better score, and of course “Computer” which puts an AI Vehicle on screen to Race against you

When the map loads, you then Start Your Engine, and Race down the road avoiding White Trucks, and Blue and Red Cars which will randomly appear throughout the Race, sometimes on both sides of the Road, forcing you to Slow Down or Crash

While this is similar to the Lotus Games, You find with TD2 is that it does run a little slower, the Scenery moves slower, But still at a reasonable speed

There are several Cars to choose from, including the base Porsche 959, to the Expansion Set including the Ferrari Testrossa, and tons more

The Expansion Disks are a must, since they give you so much more Scenery, such as “California Challenge” and “European Challenge”, as well as the Expansion Car Disks of “The Muscle Cars” and “The Super Cars”, all these disks add so much more content to the Game, making it even better!

The base and expansion maps are well designed and are colourful, and the huge varied collection of both Cars and Scenery to race through

Become the Fastest Driver out there and Smash every Level Record, to become the Ultimate Test Drive II Champion!

Code: Bruce Dawson, Don Mattrick, Amory Wong, Kris Hatlelid, Al Johanson
Music: Kris Hatlilid

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