Well what do we have here, it is Galaga ’92 by Geert Coelmont, Released in 1992

Galaga ’92 is yet another Galaga-clone, This game features powerups for fire, speed and bullets, and also you can collect one which removes all existing powerups from your ship as well!

Enemies can drop powerups when they die, and they can even include Extra Lives as well, there is also a Tractor Beam which will force an enemy to turn into a slave ship, thereby increasing your Fire Power

While you maybe tempted to continually fire at the enemies, this does affect the score as accuracy scores you more points (ie. hitting an enemy)

Galaga is not bad, and runs very well, plays just as you expect, and has some Title Screen Music, and some good in-game Sound Effects which are nicely done, Graphically it is on par with many Games of the same genre

Coder: Geert Coelmont
Graphics: Geert Coelmont, Guy Pensart
Musician: Romain Voes

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