Platman is another brilliant classic game by John Hardie of Frentic Software, This is Pacman but with a huge twist on the whole game physics!

In this game, You are Pacman, but the game works on Platforms, as opposed to a Grid

The object of the game is to Collect the Items on the screen, which are mainly a range of Fruits, and some screens include a Key, which is needed to progress onwards, there are also some Pulsating Power Pills on some screens, which when eaten, will allow you to eat and kill the ghosts on the same screen within a set time limit

There are also Various Traps, Pits, and Cannons which shoot bullets out at a constant rate, which can hurt Platman if he comes into contact with them!

Now there is Music on both the Title Screen and In-Game, which really is quite nice, I sometimes find myself idling on the screen just to listen to the soundtrack, It is rather relaxing in a way

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