Well what can I say about Funtris, This is a Tetris Game with a fair few positive and negative aspects to the actual gameplay thrown right in there!

The usual Tetris Gameplay is present, But occasionally you get either a Wizard which usually helps out or gives you Bonuses, and an Evil guy popping up during Gameplay whos job is to create big problems for your Game!

The Evil Guy can turn the screen Black and White, Deep Red and even change Key controls, and put large peices in the play area, in order to try and stop you from completing the level

The Wizard pops on, and gives you Bonuses, sometimes removes a line or two from the game, and other effects as well

These additions can help or hinder your Gameplay, which gives the Game a neat touch, and as the Wizard/Evil are completely Random, each Game you play is completely different, Giving the Game quite a decent appeal

While it can make the Game impossible or easy to complete, The Wizard and Evil Guy do add to the Gameplay in terms of variation throughout the Game, making this Game quite unique as far as Tetris Games go

There is decent Title Screen and In-Game Music which is pleasant to listen to, as well as sounds for the Wizard and Evil Guy when they appear

NOTE: The Game Credits are listed in-game as French and the In-Game Speech is in English, (ie. “Get Ready” and “GO!”) – There is a OS Selection Menu before the Game Loads, To pass this, You need to press “1” on the Numerical Keypad

Programming / Graphics / Sound effects / Presentation music

Other Music

Composed by


Thanks to
Sandrine Bigot for testing this game

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