Cave Runner

Well what can I say about Cave Runner, both Boulders and the Stars(Pickups) continue to fall down until they hit a platform, in terms of gameplay and the elements, it is very enjoyable to play.

The Purple Top Hat’s rotate around the grid in an anti-clockwise direction, hitting walls then they change direction, the Green Blobs can force them to change direction, even mid-way, so avoiding them at all costs is essential.

Then we have the Green Blobs, who just follow the edges of the game map around, they also will just hover in 4 squares if they cannot attach to a wall or dirt.

In the game you collect Stars, which if they hit you on the head, you lose a life, there is a counter mid-screen which shows the total of stars there is to collect, the right hand side, has a clock which counts down, and upon reaching zero, will cost you a life as well, then from the left, we have Lives symbolised with a Heart, followed by the Total Score of the player.

The game is very enjoyable for me, and I do keep coming back to perfect the way I play some of the levels (some are very deviously made) and that is what appeals with this game, the long play-ability of it, its always fun to sit down and have a quick game, or even a long binge session.

NOTE: Must be run under Kickstart 1.3 as you will get Graphical Glitches under Kickstart 2/3