This is Nibbler Super eXtra (v1.89 Shareware) by The Backyard Brothers in 1997

As you can tell this is another Snake Game, where you need to go around collecting those Shiny Gems, and each time you collect one, your Snake grows a little bigger

The object is to collect all the Gems, while avoiding your own Tail, as eating your tail which will cost you a life

There are bonuses which will appear after 4 levels of Gameplay, which if you complete, you are awarded with an extra life, there are plenty of fake walls on these bonus levels, which may prevent you completing them

During the Game, various extras will appear, such as a Heart, which gives you another life, a Clock which resets time, and many more, which you will find out about

Not a bad Game, Graphically looks Great, and has some decent Title and Background Music throughout

Developer: Backyard Brothers
Code: Mehmet Ali Sahin
Graphics: Mehmet Ali Sahin, Tunc Dindas
Music: M. Onat Cakit
Sound: Mehmet Ali Sahin, Tunc Dindas

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