This is Wooglies by John J. Cassar in 1995

The Wooglies are out to get you and eat you for lunch, So your Quest begins, where you must capture them which will then Kill them

Your aim is to box them in so they cannot escape and end up dying, You do this by moving blocks around the screen which are always randomly placed, in order to capture them inside the blocks

You have 2 minutes in each room to capture them all, on the first few levels, there is only 1 Wooglie, but on later levels, 2 or even more will attempt to capture and eat you

There are 40 levels included, and each 3rd level, an extra Wooglie will appear, making it even more difficult to capture them, while avoiding the others

The Game uses Level Codes, and shows these every 3rd level, so you can start off where you left off if you end up being killed

Code: John J. Cassar
Music: David Cuthill

Visits: 95

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