The Commercial Game of the Month goes to Rolling Thunder by Tiertex / US Gold in 1987

This Game is based off the Arcade Game of the same name, You take control of a secret agent and your task is to rescue your companion from an evil terrorist group who have kidnapped her

The character you control is called Albatross, and he is a member of the World Crime Police Organisation espionage unit, There are different stages, all of which have doors, which enemies appear from, or sometimes walk on screen, some doors have ammunition behind them, either standard rounds for your gun, or fast firing rounds

If you run out of bullets completely, then you have a occasional single shot bullet, which will last until you can get more bullets from one of the Ammo Rooms dotted about in the Levels

The Levels are split into 2 Stages, one easy and the 2nd Stage is a little harder, which has different enemy placements, and also they tend to shoot a lot more, even bending down to shoot below your waist, these bullets can be missed by doing a Jump for an above platform even if one does not exist

The Enemies are all the same colour as well, making it hard to distinguish how many shots will kill them, which can be upto a maximum of 3 shots per enemy

Sadly on closing, This is a pretty poor Arcade Conversion sadly, with pretty poor quality throughout, jerky control movements, and jerky scrolling, making this possibly the worst Arcade conversion ever

Final thought – If you want to play this Game, The Commodore 64 Version is Vastly Superior in all respects, has colour coded enemies, so you know how many bullets will kill them, as well as the proper Arcade version which is well worth playing

Publisher: US Gold
Developer: Tiertex
Coder: Donald Campbell

Views: 120

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