This is Qwak by Team 17 in 1993

In this platformer, Your task is to collect all the Keys to open the exit door on each level, as well as collecting fruit

There are various enemies per level, which can be dispatched by a limited amount of Eggs which can be fired at them, some enemies will require multiple hits as well, and your Egg supply is limited so you do need to conserve them until you need to use them

There are Fruits which you can collect, which will replenish your Egg supply, and also some Gems on each level, which if you collect all 6, will give you a Gem Bonus

You can also pick up Potions, which will help you on your Quest, such as Levitate Potion, Armour Potion, Double Damage Potion, Potion that makes you Invunrable for a while, as well as Potions what change your Eggs into Supa Eggs and Chocolate Eggs for a while

There are various collectibles on each level, ranging from Keys, Lockpicks, Gates, Skulls, Flowers and even Mushrooms to collect as well, and even more collectibles which you will discover, all waiting for you

Be sure to check out the Team 17 Evercade Cartridge, which has the full Qwak game on it and many more Classic Team 17 Titles, all ready and waiting for you to enjoy on the Evercade Console or even the Handheld Devices!

Code: Jamie Woodhouse
Graphics: Richard Heasman
Sound: Bjorn Lynne
Music: Bjorn Lynne

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