This is Crazy Pipes by Joe Rumsey in 19xx

As you can tell it is basically a Pipe Mania Clone, where you need to direct the fluid, using the randomly picked pipe shapes, and keep it flowing for as long as possible, the longer the pipe, the better the score

To start you need to click the option in the menu system, this is also where you can pick several options such as Sound and Level

Once you start, you are provided with a grid which has 1 pipe already on it, prefixed with “S” meaning Start here, your mouse pointer also changes to the currently active peice of pipe, which may or may not fit after the “S” block, if it will not fit, place it somewhere else on the game board, making another pipe run which you can build onto later

If you misplace a pipe, you can click over it, but this costs you 50 points, if you make the water pass through both sides of a loop (the + type pipe) you will get 500 points added, for each new peice of pipe the water flows into, you get 100 points, and for any left over pipes the water has not touched, you lose 100 points for each non-used pipe

The game will end when either the water comes to the end of the pipe before you place the next peice, or you place a peice which does not connect onto the pipe, such as connecting a vertical pipe onto a horizontal pipe, the water will be unable to flow between them, causing the round to end

Code: Joe Rumsey

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