This time it is the turn of Boing! by Shawn Waters, Coded in AMOS, in 1995

You are a Blue Blob, and your task is to Boing! Around on Red Dice in order to collect the Yellow Stars which are dotted around the level

However, You must keep your “Bounce” charged up by hitting the Red Dice Blocks which will give you more Bounce, if you run out of Bounce you cannot proceed any further, which results in the timer counting down, and losing a life

On some levels the Bounce Dice are invisible, so you need to memorize where they are in order to use them to get up higher to collect the Yellow Stars

Additionally there are sometimes Buttons which will open areas where you need to collect the Yellow Stars, for example, behind a forcefield, and you must collect all the Yellow Stars before the level end will appear

The Level End looks like a flashing Yellow Multicoloured Disc, which you need to jump into in order to complete the level

Just do not run out of Bounce, or you are sure to perish ..

Code: Shawn Waters

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