Atari 2600 – 45 Years Old (1977-2022)

The Atari 2600 was released waaaay back on 11th September 1977, the same year I was born, this was the first ever Computer I had, and it brings back fond memories of loading up various Games, and playing it with my family in turns

In its wooden box, with 4 switches and 1 Cartridge Slot, it had pride of place in our Living Room, underneath the TV, ready for when TV was boring, we plugged it in, switched it on, and enjoyed a Gaming Night at the side of the Fire

The Atari 2600 for me, was a huge part of my early childhood, and thankfully there was No Loading Times since every Game came on a Cartridge which slotted in the top, I used to play Pitfall II and my Late Mum loved playing Pacman

For me the Game what really stands out above the rest was Pitfall II, while I have never completed it, I do like playing the Game through from time to time, sadly now only by Emulation, since I no longer own an Atari 2600

Bezerk was lots of fun to play, shooting Androids and trying to avoid Otto, which was always good fun, and enjoyable

We also cannot forget Centipede either, another Classic which has stood the test of time, and I still love to play it today

This was also the first Computer I found Crystal Castles on, and I fell in love with that Game as soon as I saw it, the levels are well designed and the Game can keep you busy for hours

Another Game, although maybe unknown, is TAZ, where you have to eat the Hamburgers while avoiding the Dynamite, quite good fun to play

The Atari 2600 will always remain one of my favourite Computer Systems of all time, since it was the first computer I ever had, and it is so memorable because it was released in the same year I was born

Please read more about it on Wikipedia and Stella is a Great Atari 2600 Emulator

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