Amiga 600 – 32 Years Old (1992-2024)

This is the Amiga 600 Computer, Released in March 1992, 32 Years ago this month (Could not find an exact date of release, if anyone can help with this, please let me know)

The Amiga 600 was the last model to feature the Motorola 68000 and the ECS (Enhanced Chip Set) and it was a redesign of the A500+ which adds the ability to add an internal Hard Drive (or nowadays a Compact Flash Card or SD Card style Hard Drive) and it has a PCMCIA Type II interface which supports 16-bit cards only, since 32-bit Cards are incompatible, and the standard was not completely finalized so the Amiga is not 100% compatible with ALL PCMCIA Type-I and Type-II Cards either

It also comes with Kickstart 2.0 and Workbench 2.0 as standard, but to boot from its internal Hard Disk/CompactFlash etc, You do need Kickstart revivions 37.300 or 37.350 which supports ATA/PCMCIA devices at Boot Time

The A600 was originally going to be numbered A300 which would position it below the A500 and some even have A300 written on the motherboard still

An A600HD model was released, which either included a 20MB or 40MB ATA Hard Drive

Several bundles were released, including a “Lemmings” Bundle, which included Lemmings and Deluxe Paint, a “Robocop 3D” Bundle, which included Robocop 3D, Myth, Shadow of the Beast, Graphic Workshop and Microtext, and finally a “Wild, Weird and Wicked” Bundle which featured Formula 1 Grand Prix, Pushover, Putty and Deluxe Paint III

The Amiga 600 can also be connected to TV using its built in RF Output, or Composite (Phono-style) Connectors, which most modern TV sets still thankfully support

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