This excellent Commercial Game is called Chuck Rock by Core Design way back in 1992

In this delightful Game, you star as Chuck Rock, and your girl has been kidnapped, so you must run after her to rescue her!

Being Chuck he has drunk a lot, and consequently has a “Beer Belly” this useful Belly can be used to terminate enemies with one hit, you can also kick enemies as well, and you can also “Chuck Rocks” (see what I did there?) of various sizes at enemies to terminate them, You can even hold up a Rock, and if a flying enemy is coming towards it, they will instantly be knocked out

There are also some helpful enemies, such as weird looking birds which have an arrow above them, once clicked on, they fly up, take hold of you, fly you to another platform, drop you and fly off again

Along your way, there are plenty of pickups to find, such as sausages and chicken, love hearts which will regenerate some of your health, and you will meet various enemies, some flying, some land based, all of which are very nicely designed

Chuck Rock is quite fun, and the Commercial Game even has an intro sequence added which shows Ophelia Rock (Chucks Gal) getting kidnapped while she is outside hanging out the washing, and you, Chuck Rock, must save her!

There is a Special Demo Zone included which is not in the final Commercially Released Game (The above screenshots are from the Special Demo Zone)

Publisher: Core Design
Code: Chris Long
Graphics: Lee Pullen
Music: Matthew Simmonds

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