The Commercial Game of the Month has to goto Pacmania from 1988 by Grandslam/Namco

Now what can I say about Pacmania, This game has certainly stood the test of time, and is still pretty popular among many, including myself, who still plays it to this day

Pacmania is sort of a continuation of Pacman, alas this time it is more 3D-looking, and Pacman now has a new ability to sort those Ghosts out, namely a Jump feature

Initially you can pick between 3 worlds out of the 4 listed when you start the game, Namely Block Town, Pacmans Park, Sandbox Land, and Jungly Steps which is Unselectable (although you can unlock this with a cheat)

Yes, Pacman can now Jump over Ghosts to avoid them, or if they decide to corner you, there is now an escape method, the same rules as Pacman still apply, Eat all those Pills, and grab those important Power Pellets, sadly there are still only 4 of them, which will then turn all the Ghosts Blue, and allow you to eat them to gain an ever increasing score

The 4 Ghosts are Blinky who is Red, Pinky who is Pink, Inky who is Cyan coloured, and finally Sue is the purple avenger, always trying harder to catch you, and even speeds up on later levels, and each Ghost also has a different movement pattern

This is an Arcade conversion done to perfection for the Amiga (unlike Rolling Thunder -ed), it keeps the look and feel of the Arcades, and has some superb Music and Sound Effects too thrown in there

If you start off on Level 1 first, You will find Pacmans speed is slower than it would be on Sandbox Land, as you progress through the earlier levels, Pacmans speed will increase

Teque Software even used some Sprite Tricks for the Amiga version, Find out more here

Sadly there was no Demo released of this Game *sigh*

Publisher: Grandslam
Developer: Teque Software
Copyright: Namco
Code: Pete Harrap, Shaun Hollingworth
Graphics: Jason Wilson
Music: Ben Daglish

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