Nebulus (also known as Tower Toppler)

The Commercial Game of the Month this time has to be Nebulus (also known as Tower Toppler) by John M. Phillips in 1988

Nebulus has to be one of the all time Greatest Games out there surely, You star as a Green character, named Pogo, and your task is to get to the top of each tower, while avoiding all manner of enemies, such as Balls, some glow Purple and can be shot and killed, others will just be Grey, and can be stopped moving, but cannot be killed, and will reactivate after a short time

The towers are cylinder-shaped, and have platforms Pogo can stand on, as well as lifts/elevators, which can take you up some floors, as well as hidden tiles which when stepped on, will vanish and cause Pogo to fall down

As Pogo walks around, the Whole Tower will rotate so that Pogo remains centre of the screen at all times, while the Tower and its platforms and enemies will rotate along with the Tower

When you reach the top door, You will then trigger the towers destruction, which will then collapse it back down to its base, where you just hop back in your Ship, and onto the Next Level to do it all again

There is a Bonus Round between each Tower, where you have to shoot fish for extra bonus points, the fish move up and down at set points, and occasionally one will fly towards you as well

This has to be one of my all time favourite Games, with its excellent music track, sound effects, and even spot on graphics, this surely has to be one of the Great Games written by none other than the talented John M. Phillips

Bonus: The Story Of Nebulus (External Site)

Sadly there is No Demo of Nebulus (Booo!)

Publisher: Hewson
Code: John M. Phillips
Graphics: John M. Phillips
Music: John M. Phillips

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