Here is another Amiga Gem of sorts, Arabian Nights – Here you are essentially thrown in the Dungeons to rot, your mission is to escape and solve various puzzles throughout the levels, in order to progress in the game.

Once you get out of your Dungeon Cell, you are tasked with rescuing a Prisoner, but you do not have a handle to turn the release mechanism, then you proceed up the stairs and find a snake charmer, But he requires you give him something before he will give you the Rigid Snake in order to Free the Prisoner and escape the first level!

The gameplay itself is well polished, and is a mix of platform and puzzle elements to solve, Basically pickup anything what rotates in a circular motion above your head, and chests sometimes reveal items to also collect, its fun to play, There is a nice soundtrack while you play, and on the title screen

There are also sound effects when you need to hack through obsticles, such as walls, which prevent your progress, the guards are well designed, and have a nasty sword to thrust at you, so keeping your distance while hitting them is a must

Later levels, see yet more puzzles to solve, there are also flying enemies which need to be defeated with your sword as well, and hidden pathways, which on the first level, are disguised as tunnels, which you can simply crawl and press fire, which then teleports you to the hidden rooms, in which you have plenty to collect, before again, aiming for another tunnel to exit the hidden area.

The inventory screen can be brought up by the spacebar, which has 2 slots of what you are holding, and you need to bring this up to change items out of your hands, for example, to open doors with a key or lockpick for example

On closing, This game was very well designed and created, it has a mix of ingenious puzzles, and background music, along with some nice sound effects, which makes it a game worth playing!

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