This quite awesome Game is Hunter by Activision in 1991, Picked by (@barbinho9) on Twitter

You are an soldier in a pretty huge 3D world, you can walk, swim, drive land and sea vehicles, and your task is to complete your mission

There are a selection of 3 missions you can choose from, which I will briefly explain:

Hunter: where you need to solve clues to assasinate the General before the time is up

Missions: You complete some short missions, one after another, and they get progressively harder as they progress

Action: One large mission to complete which you need to destroy some targets dotted around the map in a specific order

There are other ingame characters, some of which will help you, others will hinder you, or provide useless or no information, as well as some animals such as seagulls, sharks, and even cows (MOO!)

You need to examine both Houses at your Base to collect items such as a Log Book where you can put given positions down, which will aid you to find them later, by simply clicking on the entry, and it will then place a small white dot on the map to aim for

Along the way, You will come up against enemy soldiers, who can walk or even drive vehicles, SAM Launchers which will target any vehicle you are controlling in order to blow it up, and force you to walk

This Game uses both the Joystick for Player Movement, and the Mouse to select items and objects from your inventory, also note while in your inventory, the Game is essentially paused

Publisher: Activision
Code: Paul Holmes
Graphics: Paul Holmes
Music: Martin Walker

Views: 180

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