This is Oblidox by Peter Cox in 1992

In this rather unusual Game, you have to put the correct coloured blocks into the correct colour bases, so Red Blocks have to be moved into the Red Base Area for example

You may think this is very easy, But there are aliens what spawn around the edges of the map, trying to shoot you, and if they hit you, a little time is taken away from the bar at the bottom of the screen, and if this bar becomes empty before you have put the blocks into the correct areas, Game Over

You can crush the Aliens with a Block, or by shooting at them, there are also more aliens which spawn inside the Gameplay Area as well, these can be easily destroyed by pushing a block over them

When you defeat the Aliens they will return back to the spawn area on the screen for a short while, before leaping out again to attack you

There is some cracking music throughout the Game which is very nice, and there are in-game sound effects when a projectile hits you and/or you hit or crush an Alien

Code: Peter Cox
Music: Mr. X, Tobias Richter

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