This Game is called Atoms created in 1993 by Tom Khun

It is a 2-4 Player Game, where you place “Atoms” on a Game Board, which start off as a Single Dot in the Grid, but each turn, you click it and it expands until it explodes

Once an atom reaches its explode limit, it will multiply across several other places on the Game Board

Each square has a maximum number of Atoms it can support, when this limit is reached (Corners can only hold 1, Edge Squares hold 2, and central squares can hold 3 max)

Place your Atoms carefully is key here, as Big Explosions can wipe you out in an instant, once all your Atoms are out, it will put up a simple “Y/N” request and pressing No will quit the Game

While this Game is not bad, and has some nice background music to lure you in, I feel the Gameplay side of it really could have used a Computer Player or two, to give it some variation

Published: 1993, Amiga Format
Design: B. Hewlett
Creator: Tom Kuhn

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