Beavis & Butthead Breaking The Lawn

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Todays Review is of Beavis & Butthead Breaking The Lawn

You can choose a 1 player or 2 player game, and then you get to choose who you want to be, either Beavis or Butthead

Once the Game starts, You gain control of a Hover Mower you happened to have borrowed from your Neighbour without permission, hes really that mad he wants it back, so he will follow you around the game map in order to take it back from you

There is also a Dog on the Game, which will stop your Mower for a few seconds, giving the Neighbour time to catch you, unless they are too far away

Occasionally there will be a Frog appear, You can Mow this Frog for Extra Points, and you get a “YYYEEEESSSS!” sound effect when you Mow it over, so do kill those Froggies (hehehee)

You have 2 choices here, You can either Mow the Lawn avoiding the Flowers, or just go Flat Out and Mow everything in Sight, of course mowing the flowers do get you extra points, and a rather nice laugh from your player (eg. Beavis or Butthead)

This Game is very well designed, from the decent music, to the quite excellent sound effects, so lets Mow that Lawn, and Kill all the Flowers!

Programming: EVO
Graphics: EVO/SOFT ICE

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