This is Match Patch coded by Stephen Winstanley (Credited as “SD” in game) in 1990

Your task here is to kill all the enemies, But you can only kill enemies to what your Gun is set at, for example you have Stone Robots, Ice, and Storms what move around the level downwards, also the Ice can jump at intervals

The current weapon is shown at the top left corner, which you can change by dropping down one of the holes at the bottom of the screen, such as if you fall through the Stone path you get the Stone Robot Gun, If you fall through the Ice path, You get the Ice Gun

An example is if you start with the Stone Gun, which means you can only fire at Stone Robots, if you fire at the Ice or the Storm, they will regenerate into the opposite (EG. Fire to Storm, Storm to Fire) – this will keep happening until either you are hit by the monster, or you fall through another hole at the bottom to switch your weapon

You have also to do all this within, what I would say, is a very restrictive time limit, so you have to be quick in order to continue to the next level

There is source code for this game on GitHub and it will be included on the Kickstart 1.3 image

“MatchPatch was written in assembly language (Devpac 2) by Stephen Winstanley. It may be offered for download on bulletin boards provided it is made available as a free download.” (Amiga Computing #33, Feb 1991, p.32)

Publisher: Amiga Computing
Code: Stephen Winstanley

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