I have been getting some feedback regarding WHDLoad Games, saying that they are not working, this is usually because the Kickstart ROM files are not on the “Amiga side” of the image, meaning that WHDLoad cannot find the required files to load the Games

To make sure they are there, please re-run the “Copy Amiga Forever Kickstart ROMS” batch file, this will copy the files into the correct location so WHDLoad can find them

In the folder “AmigaBoingHDF\KS31\Devs\Kickstarts” you must have the following files:

kick34005.A500This is copied using the batch file – this is the KICK13.ROM file renamed
kick34005.A500.RTBFrom SKICK on Aminet – Already exists
kick40068.A1200This is copied using the batch file – this is the KICK31.ROM file renamed
kick40068.A1200.PATFrom SKICK on Aminet – Already exists
kick40068.A1200.RTBFrom SKICK on Aminet – Already exists

The SKICK files already exist, since they are Freely Distributable via the archive on Aminet as for the actual Kickstart ROM files above, I cannot legally distribute them sadly, so they will need to be obtained either from your Amiga Forever installation, or via Amiga Forever Essentials on Google Play

For further information on obtaining the Kickstart ROMS please Click Here

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