As a Gamer, I have and will always love and even prefer “Physical DRM-Free Copies” of Games, without any DRM whatsoever, and we should always make this paramount as Gamers, that if we purchase a Game, We can play it forever, without any sort of restrictions

The reason for this is tenfold, Let me explain, Take Darkspore (PC) for example, which has Always Online DRM riddled all over it, and EA being the complete assholes that they are, Did not release a Patch to allow it to be played in Single Player Offline Mode when they closed down the servers for the Game

Your Darkspore Game CD is now just a Paperweight, even though the Full Game is on there you cannot play it anymore because of this “Always Online DRM”

This alone proves any sort of DRM only affects Legitimate Purchasers of that Game, where as Pirates can play the Game without all these nasty and evil restrictions

Lets also discuss “Digital Copies” of Games too, as they do not have Physical Media, and that also means the Online Store can remove it without any notice or even refund to you, so you can essentially pay for a Game, which you can lose at any moment, and if you spend upwards of £50 on it, That is £50 down the drain, along with the Game which you will not get back

We as Gamers, Really need to resist both “Digital Games” and “DRM-riddled Games”, and stop purchasing from them until we get actual Physical Media (or Downloadable Game Files) without any form of DRM on it, as these Games will always end up being unplayable at a moments notice when they are removed from Stores or even when the Game Servers are shut down (eg. Darkspore) and they are not patched to run without those servers

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