Starting from March 2022, The Menu System will be powered by AmigaGuide, This new format also allows me to add Documentation in-line with each Game (if its available) and looks nicer and has better navigation than the older Menu System I used


  • Can add Document and other links to each Game
  • The Menus look nicer and are more customizable


  • Amiga Guide loads really slow under AROS

I have also decided not to support the AROS ROM any longer, many factors have contributed to this

  • I did a Twitter Poll which voted in favour of dropping support
  • Since AROS is not fully complete yet it took a fair bit of extra time to test games with AROS
  • Most people appear to have Downloaded the Kickstart ROMS (via a recent Twitter Poll)
  • Since I no longer have to worry about testing Games against AROS, it frees up time

So as of March 2022, I will no longer answer any AROS Related Questions, since I am now not officially continuing to support the AROS ROM anymore

While The Games Collection may still work under AROS and Games may still load, from now on, this is done entirely at your own risk, while using AROS ROM will work for *some* Games, it is not fully compatible yet, and you will experience crashes and other undesired behaviour from using AROS ROM with the Games Collection

The Feb 2022 Release, is now named as “Legacy Edition” which has some AROS Supported Games included, so you can now think of this as kind of a “Try Before You Buy” the Amiga Kickstart ROMS in effect, giving you an idea if you like the Amiga Games enough to warrant purchasing the Kickstart ROM Files (which are infact much cheaper than a cup of Coffee if you purchase them via the “Amiga Forever Essentials” pack on Google Play)

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