Here we have Master Blaster, a 1995 Game by Peter Elzner and Alexander Ivanof

Many Thanks to Peter for allowing me to distribute the Full Version

This is essentially a Bomberman-clone, for 2 Players and Above, where you have to Blast away Blocks to get to the other Player in order to Kill them to win the game

At first you are presented with a selection screen, which has so many options on there, You can basically tailor the game to suit your requirements before beginning, from selecting the amount of Players 2-5, How many Wins you need, If there are Monsters in-game, also Time Limit options, Fast Ignition for the Bombs, Wheel of Fortune, Extras and lots more

Once you are happy with the Selected Options, you can play the Game, it then briefly goes to Workbench to load the Game, and upon returning, after an initial introduction screen, you are placed into the Gameplay Area

The object of the Game is to Blow away the Bricks to get towards the other player, and then finally to place a Bomb down to blow up your opponent, If you manage to do this, You Win, and you keep going until you reach the Win Level you selected on the Introduction Screen, at which point you will gain a Cup

This Game is very customizable from the outset, and has some Music in-game which is a nice soundtrack, along with the Bomb sounds and a “Wooo!” sound when you die, based on the options you set, You can keep a round going for a long time, or just 1 Kill, which when the Round Ends, it will give the player who won a Cup, and play an “Oooh La La” sound effect, followed by the Shop where you can buy extra objects, such as Bombs, Power-Ups and tons more

Publisher: neXus Software
Developer: Alpha Brothers
Coders: Alexander Ivanof, Peter Elzner
Graphics: Andreas Ivanof, Peter Elzner

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